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Alaska landings has been with Roy Briley Association management since 2007.

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Many self-managed associations and developers run into issues with the day-to-day management of their sites. We have a standard that we follow and those are below.

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Roy Briley Association Management  opened in 2002. It was established to focus on the management of Homeowners Associations of  condominiums, planned unit developments and single family homeowners associations. We currently manage approximately  60 Associations in the south central Alaska area.

Our managers are responsible to assist the Board of Directors in accomplishing its goals and objectives by providing accurate and timely information through responsive and professional services.

Some of our duties are:

    Keep accurate record of homeowner occupancy

    Enforce House Rules and Policies fairly and consistently as directed by each association’s bylaws

    Prepare and distribute resale certificates and escrow information per state law

    Prepare and distribute correspondence and notices

    Assist in processing insurance claims

    Attend Board of Directors Meetings and Annual Meetings

    Assist the Board in setting up and conducting Annual Meetings

    Assist the Board in Obtaining a Reserve Study

    Assist the Board of Directors in obtaining bids and negotiating with vendors for outside services

    Assist the Board of Directors in preventive maintenance program for the common areas

Patrick Hammond Company wide controller.

Patrick is a long time Alaskan with A Masters Degree in Finance.

Patrick supervise all internal controls and financial accounting across all five companies.

Responsible for the supervision of all company receivables and payables.

Responsible for all bank reconciliation's in a timely and accurate manner.

                             Accounting services

 *Collect and post homeowners dues


*Provide monthly delinquency reports and enforce collection of assessments and other receivables

*Prepare annual operating budget for review and approval by the Board

*Timely payment of all approved invoices

*Provide copies of all bills and invoices paid upon request

*Assist the Board of Directors in developing capital replacement reserve


*Maintain working capital and reserve funds

*Reconcile bank statements

*Provide monthly financial statements. Provide assistance to independent

*CPA in annual audit

*Timely preparation of  tax form’s

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